Biking Italy -- Bolzano to Venice

Description of the trip

Description of the route as provided by Eurobike, and other details about planning the trip.

Day 1 - Bolzano to Trento

Getting to Bolzano, being equipped with bikes, and briefly touring the town. Riding on a beautiful bike path alongside the river Adige. Facing a strong headwind channeled by cliffs alongside the river, and becoming bored with the unchanging scenery. Finally reaching the university town of Trento.

Day 2 - Trento to Ala

The wind abates and the scenery along the river becomes more varied. Visiting Rovereto, waiting out the rain, and getting completely turned around in direction. Reaching Ala only to discover that our hotel was actually in Rivalta, another ten miles away. Our reservation is mishandled and we spend the night in an unusual hotel.

Day 3 - Ala (Rivalta) to Verona

We leave the bike path for country roads that wind in and out of the river valley. After a short day we reach Verona and spend time touring the city, seeing the Roman arena and visiting Juliet's balcony from the Shakespeare play.

Day 4 - Verona to Vicenza

We set out early on the longest and most difficult day of the trip. We bike in city traffic through Verona and then along unpaved farm roads before engaging on highways with moderate traffic. We lunch in Soave, with its impressive castle, and then face the toughest hills of the trip. After climbing over Mt Berici we reach a panoramic overview of the city of Vicenza. Coasting down the hill into the town, my biking partner, Len, crashes and is injured. We never do reach Venice.

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