Biking Northern California -- Wine Country and Coast

Day 1 - Napa to Calistoga

Planning the trip and being met at San Francisco Airport by the company that arranged the trip, LifeCycle Adventures. Being driven to Napa, but being too late to start biking and so being driven further to Calistoga, where we get our bikes and ourselves ready for the days to come.

Day 2 - Calistoga to Healdsburg

Getting a late start, having a flat tire, and facing a long hill to start the trip. Our first visit to a vineyard for wine tasting. Yet another flat, and barely beating darkness into the preppie town of Healdsburg.

Day 3 - Healdsburg Loop

Morning in Healdsburg and a loop ride west of town past a number of vineyards. Beautiful fall colors. A cold morning, but brilliant sun in the afternoon.

Day 4 - Healdsburg to Guerneville,

Saying goodbye to vineyards and entering the forest and river portion of the trip as we bike west and south to the "quirky and gay" town of Guerneville. A memorable dinner at a pizza joint having an unexpected Halloween party.

Day 5 - Guerneville Loop

A short ride to the redwood forest in the Amstrong State Preserve. Browsing in town, and quitting early on a easy day.

Day 6 - Guerneville to Bodega Bay, Part 1

A long day, broken into two descriptions here. We head southwest along the Russian River towards the coast. Taking a beautiful detour north to Cazadero through giant forests along deserted roads. Reaching the magnificence of the California coast in this deserted region.

Day 6 - Guerneville to Bodega Bay, Part 2

Biking south down the coast along cliffs overlooking the surf breaking on giant rocks and empty sandy beaches. Meeting young bikers just cycling until they run out of money. At the hotel meeting women at a high school buddies reunion and reliving the movie, "The Birds", which was filmed there.

Day 7 - Bodega Bay to Point Reyes

Biking southeast down the coast, through forested and beach areas. Enduring an endless hill on a country road. Arriving at our pickup point and again meeting the young bikers with an interesting twist.