IEEE Reflections Columns by Robert Lucky

I began writing a bi-monthly column for IEEE Spectrum Magazine in 1982, and my column has appeared every other month ever since. The columns from 1982 to about 1992 are published in my book, Lucky Strikes Again. About that time, everything started to become digital, and now I have digital copies of those since 1992 that I am able to include here. Click on any column you would like to read.

Jan 2018 Patterns
Nov 2017 Centralized or Decentralized?
Sept 2017 Scale
July 2017 Technological Distraction
May 2017 Big and Bigger Data
Mar 2017 The Millimeter Wireless Frontier
Jan 2017 Overcomplicated
Nov 2016 What Will Become of Electrical Engineering?
Sept 2016 Why We Give Awards
July 2016 What If?
May 2016 Is Engineering an Endangered Job?
Mar 2016 The End of the Smartphone?
Jan 2016 Can Greatness be Planned?
Nov 2015 Innovation -- An Open and Shut Case
Sept 2015 Techies on TV
July 2015 Little Things Mean a Lot
May 2015 Invisible Light
Mar 2015 The Ubiquitous Camera
Jan 2015 Looking Back on the Future
Nov 2014 Whither the PC?
Sept 2014 Reflections through the Years
July 2014 Driverless Cars?
May 2014 Cloning Silicon Valley
Mar 2014 The Crowd
Jan 2014 Hobby Electronics
Nov 2013 Good Years for Technology
Sept 2013 Whither Wireless?
July 2013 All of Life in Pi
May 2013 Senusous Electronics
Mar 2013 Antifragile Systems
Jan 2013 Other Peoples' Knowledge
Nov 2012 Wires and Wireless
Sept 2012 Disposable Electronics
July 2012 Curiosity
Mar 2012 The Relevance of Mathematics
Jan 2012 The Visual Ubiquity
Nov 2011 The Business of Advising
Sept 2011 Adventures in Research Funding
July 2011 In Research, The Problem is the Problem
May 2011 Who Gets the Credit?
Mar 2011 Open Systems
Jan 2011 Clickphobia
Nov 2010 Black Swans
Sept 2010 The Cyber Armageddon
July 2010 Contemplating a Dead Computer
May 2010 The Ephemeral Now
Mar 2010 Almost Teleportation
Jan 2010 Driven to Distraction
Nov 2009 Engineering Achievements: The Two Lists
Sept 2009 The First Book of Electronics
July 2009 Wicked Problems
May 2009 Cloud Computing
Mar 2009 The Dreaded Cutover
Jan 2009 To Twitter or not to Twitter?
Nov 2008 The Blinking Light
Sept 2008 The Elusive Future
July 2008 Zero Privacy
May 2008 The Ubiquitous Power Law
Mar 2008 Engineers and the Flat Earth
Jan 2008 Technical Publications and the Internet
Nov 2007 The Billion Amateurs
Sept 2007 Math
July 2007 Computer Rot
May 2007 Who are You?
Mar 2007 Are you Aware?
Jan 2007 Great Thoughts
Nov 2006 Impossible Tradeoffs
Sept 2006 Unsystematic Engineering
July 2006 Famous People
May 2006 Digital Photographs
Mar 2006 Remote Control
Jan 2006 Tragedy of the Commons
Nov 2005 My New Laptop
Sept 2005 Lab for Sale
July 2005 The Dream
May 2005 Life Bits
Mar 2005 Rules
Jan 2005 Wordsmithing
Nov 2004 Does Google Like Me?
Sept 2004 Expressiveness for Engineers
July 2004 Retrospective Organization
May 2004 Where is the Vision for Telecom?
Mar 2004 The Impermanence of Knowledge
Jan 2004 Goodbye to Email
Nov 2003 Engineering Appearance
Sept 2003 "Industrial Research" -- An Oxymoron?
July 2003 Order and Disorder
May 2003 What Were we Thinking?
Mar 2003 Down into Darkness or up into Fog
Jan 2003 Flames from the Net
Nov 2002 A Paramecium, a Fish, and a Rat
Sept 2002 The Future of Engineering
July 2002 What do you do at Work?
May 2002 Showing Up
Mar 2002 Who runs the Internet?
Jan 2002 Cannot Connect
Nov 2001 The Telecom Dark Ages
Sept 2001 The Precious Radio Spectrum
July 2001 Fact or Fiction?
May 2001 When Giants Walked the Earth
Mar 2001 2001: Technology and the Movie
Jan 2001 Communications Triage
Nov 2000 Banners for Engineers
Sept 2000 Monkey Business
July 2000 Music on Hold
May 2000 Special Places
Mar 2000 Omniscience
Jan 2000 Greatest Engineering Accomplishments
Nov 1999 Always On?
Sept 1999 Information Addiction
July 1999 Free Software
May 1999 Design for People -- Not!
Mar 1999 Connections
Jan 1999 What is an Office?
Nov 1998 Job Churn
Sept 1998 Moore's Law Redux
July 1998 Clock Speed
May 1998 Electrical Engineering -- A Diminishing Role?
Mar 1998  
Jan 1998  
Nov 1997 When is Dumb Smart?
Sept 1997  
July 1997 Anytime, Anywhere
May 1997 "Fatal Error Number 27"
Mar. 1997 "Blinking Twelve O'Clock"
Jan. 1997 "The Right Stuff"
Nov. 1996 "Honk if You're for Anarchy"
Sept. 1996 "The Glitz Factor"
July 1996 "Bozos on the Bus"
May 1996 "Casualties of Downsizing"
Mar. 1996 "Why Am I Here?"
Jan. 1996 "Have Laptop, Will Travel"
Nov. 1995 "Moore's Dreams"
Sept. 1995 "Being Clicked"
July 1995 "Where did the Web Come From?"
May 1995 "The Crypto Quandary"
March 1995 "Surfing the Net"
January 1995 "The Inbox"
Nov. 1994 "Who Gets the Credit?"
Sept. 1994 "What Happened to Leisure Time?"
July 1994 "Bits are Bits"
May 1994 "The Quest for Information"
March 1994 "Whatever Happened to Numbers?"
Jan. 1994 "The Disappearing Space Crunch"
Nov. 1993 "Technology Isn't the Problem"
Sept 1993 "Chair Power"
July 1993 "Riding the Wave"
May 1993 "The Performance Rating"
May 1992 The Bean Counters