My current activities

I retired from Telcordia Technologies as head of research in October 2002. Since then I've been an independent consultant and continued various professional activites, including board memberships, writing, speaking, advisory committees, etc. I've looked for things that were intellectually stimulating and involved working with good people.

Since retirement in 2002, some of my activities have been the following:

In January of 2011 several of these activities ended. I retired from chairing the board of ANSER, my tenure ended on the Defense Science Board, and the Fort Monmouth Redevelopment Planning Authority ceased to exist. This Authority was supplanted by a new Authority charged with the implementation of the redevelopment plan created by its predecessor Authority. Governor Christie appointed me to this new Authority, and with the resignation of the new chairman, I became acting chairman of that authority.

Now most of the time-consuming activities are gone. I still write the Spectrum columns, am acting chairman of the board on the Fort Monmouth redevelopment authority, and remain a member of the Vanguard Advisory Board, setting up and managing the bi-monthly meetings for our member organizations.